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  • Srinivas Maganti

How to host core infrastructure elements with Hub & Spoke topology

In most of the Azure deployments, networking plays a key role in cloud architecture integration with on-premises networks, and clients have headquarters and offices around the world those need to access resources hosted on Azure.

Hub and spoke is a networking model for efficiently managing common communication or security requirements. It also helps avoid Azure subscription limitations, quick scalability, efficient management/operations, and cost savings.

High-Level Hub & Spoke Architecture

Key Components

  • Hub Virtual Network

  • Spoke Virtual Network

  • Virtual Network Peering

  • Gateway Subnet

  • Virtual Network Gateway (VNG)

  • On-Premises Network

  • On-Premise VPN Device

Core services hosted on Hub Network

  • Active Directory, DNS, Azure Active Directory Domain Services & NTP

  • Azure Firewall and VPN Security services

  • Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastrcture

  • Azure Bastion Services

  • Other shared services (File/Print Services)

Spoke network hosts clients Production, Testing, and Development environments along with associated monitoring, reporting, and alerting systems.



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